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Press repairs & Repairing of hydraulic cylinders

We are dedicated to elevating the performance of hydraulic presses through cutting-edge upgrades and repairs. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians specializes in enhancing the capabilities of your existing equipment, integrating advanced technologies and innovative features to boost efficiency, precision, and reliability. From updating control systems and increasing operational capacity to implementing energy-efficient solutions.

PRESS MODIFICATIONS​ & upgrade existing presses

Our expert engineers and technicians employ advanced technologies and innovative methodologies to upgrade and adapt your presses, by increasing the tonnage, enhancing performance, efficiency,  in order to maximize production maintaining optimal safety. Whether it’s increasing capacity, integrating new control systems, or implementing energy-saving measures, Modern Hydraulic delivers tailored modifications that optimize your production capabilities and deliver industrial excellence.

  • Bulldozers
  • C Frames
  • Coining
  • Double Action
  • Down Acting
  • Straightening
  • Up Acting

We specialize in modifying and refurbishing a wide range of presses for many different industries. We can modify to the specification requested. 

For an extended list of all the products we service and their modification spec sheets, please use the link below.

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