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Our Company

Modern Hydraulic Technology is a manufacturer of custom designed hydraulic presses. The company originally began as Modern Hydraulic Corporation in 1942. Newark Special Technology acquired the company in 1992, which later changed to Modern Hydraulic Technology (MHT)

MHT has a long history of designing and manufacturing hydraulic presses and machinery. We also have extensive experience and expertise in repairing, modifying and upgrading existing hydraulic presses. The presses that we design are custom tailored to satisfy our customer’s product development and quality. We believe in nurturing our relationships with our customers to provide the best service possible. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Corporate Team

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Bud Viradia
President &
Engineer / Hydraulic Press Designer
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Neel Viradia
Vice President & GM
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Peter Gale
Hydraulic Engineer
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Doyle House


All our presses are motor driven units ready for immediate operation. Just fill the hydraulic reservoir, hook up the electricals and you are ready for production. Rugged construction is another feature with press bases and beds constructed from heavy steel to insure strength and stability.

All valves are interchangeable and supplied by leading component manufactures. They are sub-plate mounted on a common manifold to reduce maintenance.

Most of our presses utilize a processor for easy hook-up with auxiliary equipment. In our compression and transfer molding presses, the degass cycles and ejector reset the standard. Special cycles can be programmed for process requirements.